How does RunBuggy work?

It’s easy. First, get a free, instant quote. Simply tell us where you want to pick-up and move your car and how we can contact you. There’s no obligation or credit card required- and you wont get bombarded with calls or emails from different transport companies. We don’t sell or share your information.

If the price looks good, a member of our team will contact you to schedule your pick-up.

Our team will find the perfect transporter for your car and they will be assigned to pick-up your vehicle.

The transporter will pick-up your car, take a minimum of 5 pictures, and drive it to its destination. You and the transporter can talk or text directly and you can track your order en route in real-time. At drop-off, the transporter is required to take additional pictures to prove that your car was delivered in the same condition it was picked-up in.

After your car has been delivered, the transporter will be paid electronically and your credit card will be charged. There is no need to fumble with checks or cash.

Is RunBuggy a brokerage?

Nope. RunBuggy is not a broker. We’re an open marketplace for car shippers and haulers to connect. We’ve got thousands of car transporters nationwide that are available to help you move cars to and from anywhere in the continental U.S. 24/7. And because we’re not a broker, there aren’t any extra fees or surcharges.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

Shipping a car is not expensive as you may think – especially when you use RunBuggy. The cost to ship a car depends on a few things:

  • How far you are shipping it – the farther you ship a car, like from California to New York, the more expensive it will be. Shipping a car in-state or even between neighboring states will be a lot less expensive than you think.
  • What kind of car you are shipping – big, heavy or odd-shaped cars and trucks will cost more to move than a standard sedan, SUV or pickup.
  • Does the car work? – for cars that cannot start or need to be pushed or pulled onto the truck may cost more to ship

Find out how much it will cost to move your car today. Get your free, instant quote.

Nationwide Coverage

Regardless of where you need to move your car to or from, RunBuggy gives you access to a nationwide network of trusted transporters right from your phone.

RunBuggy ships cars nationwide
RunBuggy is a 5 star car shipping solution

I just graduated college and wanted to move back home. I didn't want to spend a fortune shipping my car. RunBuggy was a great option for me- inexpensive and fast. Glad I found them.

Nicole D
Chicago, IL

My husband and I have a winter home in New Mexico and wanted to bring our convertible with us. RunBuggy helped us get it there quickly and safely.

Dorothy F
Sun Valley, ID

I bought a used Land Rover Defender 90 from an auction site and needed to ship the car from Wyoming to NYC. RunBuggy helped me find the right transporter for my auction win. Love this new ride.

Tyler H
Staten Island, NY

I got a new job in Chicago and needed to start in less than a week. RunBuggy helped me find a transporter who could get my car to Chicago the same day I got there. It worked out perfectly. Thanks RunBuggy.

Collin C
Thousand Oaks, CA

We thought it would cost a fortune to ship our car from New Jersey to Arizona. Were we pleasantly surprised! Thanks to RunBuggy our car is here, safe and sound and for a fraction of what we thought it would cost..

Nancy L
Scottsdale, AZ

My son needed to get his BMW M4 to college. RunBuggy helped us get it there safely, in record time and for a lot less than we were quoted by some brokers.

Chris S
San Francisco, CA
RunBuggy is # for car home delivery

The Leader in Home Delivery

With over 100,000 cars delivered to date (and growing each month), RunBuggy is the leader in home delivery. We have the transporters, technology and team to help get your car home safely.

RunBuggy is budget friendly

No Haggle Pricing
The price you see is the price you pay. There is no need to negotiate with a broker or a transport company. And there are no hidden fees after your car is delivered.

RunBuggy tracks your car shipment in real-time

Real-Time Tracking
From pick-up to drop-off, see exactly where your car is and when it will arrive – in real-time – no more guessing or waiting for the broker or driver to return your call.

RunBuggy provides concierge service for all your car shipping needs

Concierge Service
Our concierge team is available to make sure your car gets delivered without a hitch. Call, text or email anytime to make special delivery requests or to just get some peace of mind.

You get instant upfront car shipping pricing with RunBuggy

Pay Later
Don’t worry about handing over cash or writing a check before your car is even picked up. RunBuggy only charges your credit card AFTER your car has been delivered safely.

RunBuggy gives you access to trusted transporters

Trusted Transporters
All of the transporters in the RunBuggy network have a valid Commercial Driver License (CDL) and up-to-date insurance so you can be confident your transporter is verified to handle your car.

RunBuggy provides a completely touchless car shipping solution

Touchless Transportation
We have developed the technology and procedures that allow you to ship your car, pay for it and have it delivered to your front door by barely lifting a finger.

RunBuggy For All

Whether you’re a family looking to relocate, college student headed back to class, snowbird escaping the winter weather, professional athlete headed to spring training, car collector buying and selling cars at auction or a business person who needs to move for work, RunBuggy helps you get your car where it needs to go.

RunBuggy for college students
RunBuggy for Car Collectors
RunBuggy for Relocations
RunBuggy for Snowbirds
RunBuggy app for desktop and mobile

Track Your Ride

See where your car is every step of the way, from pick-up to drop-off and everywhere in between. The RunBuggy app gives you peace of mind by letting you track where your car is in real-time. And if you want to connect with the driver, you can talk or text with them directly – no middlemen involved.

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