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RunBuggy’s technology is battle-tested and proven to provide the highest level of protection for every transportation transaction.

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We’re constantly improving our audit, compliance and security profile to protect you and your customers.

Product Security

Secure platform that follows latest secure system development life cycle (SDLC) practices, including OWASP Top 10, with 24/7 monitoring, vulnerability management, and security assessments.

Zero-Trust Architecture

Passwords were replaced with immutable credentials backed by private keys that never leave the device’s TPM (Trusted Platform Module) to eliminate account takeover fraud.

99.97% Uptime

Our uptime record is 99.97% since RunBuggy was launched in 2018. We’ve handled both application spikes and long-term growth via the latest cloud technologies. Our status can be found at

Data Security & Privacy

Security and Privacy is contemplated at design and continually verified and improved. Our service is transparent about the essential security and privacy policies in place to protect our customers and their data. Our policy can be found at

Award Winning

Foundry’s CSO, the premier security media brand providing insight into business risk leadership, awarded RunBuggy the CSO50 for the demonstrated strength of the company’s overall cybersecurity posture.

Compliance and External Assessments

RunBuggy is an industry leader working with standard setters in the automotive retail space while aiming to exceed existing frameworks such SOC 2, NIST and CSF.

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