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The Problems with Car Transportation Today

A Car Hauler Flipped Over in Detroit Carrying Two Mustang 2020 GT500

From Poor Communication to Shady Brokers

Car Transportation Can Be Stressful and Costly if You Make the Wrong Choice

Before we get into it, we should probably be fair and say that there are many good and reliable car transporters out there today, but finding them can be a challenge.

Some of the most common things we hear when it comes to shipping a car, whether you’re a family looking to move your car to a new town or a collector who ships vintage or exotic cars to and from the auction are:

  • Who do I call? There are so many options, which one is the right one?
  • Who can I trust to protect my car?
  • How much will it cost? Can I afford it?
  • Am I getting the best price or is the broker overcharging me?
  • Should I go with an open or enclosed car hauler?
  • How will I know my car won’t get stolen?
  • Will my car show up when they say it will?
  • Can I see where my car is right now?
  • What if my car gets damaged in transit? Who pays for that?
  • Who do I call if my car hasn’t arrived yet or I need to change the delivery address?

Most people will ask a friend, neighbor or colleague for a recommendation, some will search online and get bombarded with calls and emails from eager transporters and yes, some may even still use the Yellow Pages to find a car transporter. Regardless of how you find a transporter, making sure you find the right one is a challenge and will cause some stress wondering if you’ve made the right choice.

We believe the following factors should be take into consideration when selecting a car transportation solution:

  • Verified Documentation – does the the transporter have a valid Commercial Driver License (CDL) and up-to-date insurance? This should be a bare minimum.
  • Good Communication – is It easy to get in touch with the transporter – via email, chat or cell phone – day or night?
  • Scheduling Based on Your Calendar– can the transporter adhere to your delivery schedule and keep you apprised of any delays? can they deliver right to your door?
  • Real-Time Tracking – can you see where your car is en route via a website/app or do you only get periodic updates from the dispatcher or broker?
  • Special Needs – can the transporter handle vintage or exotic cars? do they offer both open and enclosed car haulers? can they deliver oversized or non-operational vehicles?
  • Concierge Service – do you have a dedicated rep that can answer all of your questions or just give you peace of mind?
  • Pricing Transparency – do you know the total cost to ship your car BEFORE it is picked-up? If not, you could pay more in hidden fees.
  • Credit Card Payment Option – can you pay online with your credit card or does the transporter require cash or check? Beware if you have to pay upfront.

Only companies that can offer all of the above should be considered, otherwise you run the risk of paying more, having your car damaged or worse, having it not show up at all.

Fortunately, there is a company that offers you all of the above – RunBuggy.

RunBuggy is open marketplace that connects you with a nationwide network of verified car transporters so you can quickly, easily, inexpensively and safely ship your car anywhere in the United States.

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