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Manage your entire vehicle logistics operation with single pane-of-glass visibility and control. HitchTM combines ease of use with enterprise-scale capabilities. Move vehicles more efficiently, reduce your transportation costs and improve service levels.

Hitch Transportation Management Solution

Hitch is the answer to legacy, complex, and expensive TMS

Hitch is a cloud-based Transportation Management Solution that provides an intuitive and comprehensive view of your vehicle transportation logistics operation.

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Hitch seamlessly and easily integrates with your existing systems and enables you to manage all your transportation assets in one place with unprecedented transparency and security.

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RunBuggy has spent the last 4 years building and optimizing a next-generation transportation management platform that utilizes an open, standards-based, enterprise-grade architecture and best-in-class-security, so you can have confidence that your transportation operation will deliver 24×7.

Operational Planning

Optimize transportation logistics

Create orders individually or in the bulk, consolidate vehicle orders, manage internal and external Pick-up/Drop-off scheduling, and optimize transportation based on rates, asset availability, and other business constraints.

Streamline transport orders

Execute dynamic or static routing requirements, manage continuous moves, and enhance collaboration and communication to accommodate visibility, alerting, escalations, tracking needs.

Gain visibility

Share visibility of BOL and Vehicle Inspections at Pick-up/Drop-off. Provide granular visibility and task-based control of operations, as well as summary snapshots of period-based operations and tasks.

Payments & Claims

Integrated. Automated. Transparent.

Maintain partner and transporter-specific rate tables, variable fares/payouts by customer, transporter, and geography. Automate payments to your transporters and enable payments to your financial systems. With audit support for itemized charges and advanced claims management capabilities, Hitch helps you better manage invoicing and reconciliation.

Logistics Controls

Advanced visualization and seamless communication

Gain unmatched visibility, insights and execution in a single workspace with Hitch’s unified user experience across every role in your transportation network. Visualize all of your VINs, trucks, orders, and lane/group status – both summary and detail.

In-app messaging provides for quick and easy peer communication and Hitch’s simple, fast search features help you quickly find the information you need.And with proactive alerting configurable for changes and exceptions, you’ll have complete control over your entire logistics operation.

Transporter Management

Optimize your entire fleet

Improve on-time pickup and delivery to boost customer satisfaction, decrease deadhead miles, improve utilization, enhance customer service and provide real-time ETAs. With Hitch – it’s simple.

Automated Operations

Orchestration of the end-to-end logistics process

Configurable tasks, timers and notifications via in app, SMS, Email, Mobile Push or voice. help you conduct a more efficient transportation operation.

3rd Party Portal

Extend the power of your TMS to your customers

Provide a secure portal for your customers to track their order, and schedule pick-up and delivery. Have your transporters conduct and store
inspection reports, and facilitate communication between the transporter and your customer.

Fleet Management

Deliver fleet-specific planning and optimization

Optimize all of your transportation assets, including drivers and trucks.
Balance loads across shifts and resources. Dispatch to transporters directly through manual Assignment or through automated rules.

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Deliver BOL visibility and vehicle inspections at Pick-Up and Drop-off

RunBuggy Marketplace

Augment your capacity with 17,000 drivers at your fingertips

Track the status of your order from a single screen, provide feedback to transporters, assign or reassign orders to/from the RunBuggy Marketplace after your transporter or your partner’s transporter misses the pick-up time or rejects the order. Update the price to the RunBuggy Marketplace rate or Partner/Private pricing rules when an order reassigned.

Whether you need to move one VIN or 1,000,000 VINs,
Hitch provides you with the platform to scale

17000 drivers

17,000+ Drivers at Your Fingertips

Down a driver for an important delivery? Looking to expand into a new geography? Have seasonal or short-term transportation needs?

Hitch allows you to hook into the RunBuggy Marketplace at no cost and instantly gain access to over 17,000 verified drivers so you can add the transportation capacity you need, when you need it. No other TMS on the market today provides you access to a nationwide network of trusted transporters.

With Hitch’s advanced analytics capabilities you’ll be better equipped to reduce your transportation costs and delivery times.

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Next-Generation TMS

If you’re tired of paperwork, manually grouping orders, and dealing with the hassle of gate passes, Hitch helps you digitize and streamline transportation logistics.

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Hitch for All

With support for any type of vehicle transportation – whether it’s dealer- to dealer, auction-to-dealer, repossession, fleet, or home delivery,

Hitch helps you make the connection

Private Shippers

You manage the transport of your own assets (vehicles) with your own drivers from your own fleet.

Partner Shippers

You manage the transport of your own assets (vehicles) with your own drivers from your own fleet. In addition, you manage partnerships with external transporters and your fleet.

Independent Transporters

You manage the transportation of the 3rd party assets (vehicles) from shippers with their own drivers from their own fleet.

Enterprise Shippers

You manage your own internal marketplace, multiple internal shippers (Dealerships, Auctions etc) able to place orders to be transported by your company's own drivers fleet and external transporters

Tested, deployed, and trusted by the largest and most respected global OEMs, Hitch is now available to all RunBuggy customers looking for a Better Transportation Management Solution.

Hitch for Genesis

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Getting advanced transportation logistics integrated into your existing operation is easy with RunBuggy. Connect with our team to see Hitch for yourself.

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