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Move Any Car, Anywhere

The RunBuggy platform arms you with the tools to better manage car transportation from pick-up to drop-off and everywhere in between.
RunBuggy Platform


RunBuggy utilizes cloud-native, best-in-class technologies that are engineered for scalability and extensibility

RunBuggy Platform

Security & Compliance

RunBuggy takes cyber-security seriously. We process millions of dollars per month in payments from shippers and fares to transporters, so having the strongest cyber-security measures in place is central to RunBuggy’s platform. We conduct continuous privacy and security audits, employ Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and have 24x7x365 threat detection monitoring to provide bank-grade security to our customers.

RunBuggy Platform

Advanced Analytics

RunBuggy’s data science team utilizes Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to collect and analyze historical and real-time transportation logistics data.

RunBuggy Advanced Analytics
RunBuggy Platform

24x7x365 Support

RunBuggy has a dedicated, U.S-based, transportation concierge team available when you need them to help you move cars fast. We also provide a library of online support tools to make sure you’ve got answers to your questions anytime of the day.

RunBuggy Platform


RunBuggy’s technology matches available orders with nearby transporters that may be running empty or less than full. By minimize the number of one-way and partial moves, RunBuggy is helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Platform Consumption Options

The RunBuggy platform can be integrated with your existing systems or consumed as a service.


RunBuggy’s comprehensive Transportation as a Service solution provides everything you need to find, move and track a car right from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

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RunBuggy HITCH

100% cloud-based TMS that connects with your existing management systems and transporter network while giving you access to our nationwide transporter marketplace.

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Not sure what solution is right for your organization’s transportation needs. No worries. Let our team of solution engineers help you find the right mix so you can move cars faster and easier.

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How RunBuggy Stacks Up

RunBuggy offers the only automotive-focused TMS and transporter marketplace solution that is built on open technology standards. And because we don’t charge for system integration, you’ll get so much more, for so much less.

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