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Move cars easier faster smarter better with RunBuggy Professional Services

From custom logistics technology to advanced data analytics, RunBuggy’s team of technologists and car enthusiasts can help you build the right solution so you can move any type of vehicle, anywhere it needs to go.

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Regardless of how many vehicles you need to move, we offer access to a wide range of powerful resources, all dedicated to streamlining transportation logistics where it matters most.

Advanced Analytics

Access to key data and information to inform your logistics operation, build your platform and evaluate its success.

Operational Insights

Access to dedicated team members and trusted third-party partners, to help guide your planning and operational execution.

Sustainable Logistics

Drive “green” logistics to positively impact your logistics operation and the environment with RunBuggy’s sustainable practices

Connected Operations

Streamline your logistics operations with RunBuggy’s cloud-based technology platform, open transporter network, and robust API-based architecture.

Customer Experience

Provide your customers, partners, and internal teams with an “Amazon-like” experience for vehicle shipments from any device.

Supply Chain Resilience

Leverage RunBuggy’s marketplace and nationwide network of verified transporters to extend and fill in any gaps in your delivery capacity.

Case Studies

RunBuggy for Auctions

Norwalk Auto Auction

RunBuggy for Dealers

Capistrano Toyota

RunBuggy for Dealers

Tustin Toyota

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Data Science and Technology at RunBuggy

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RunBuggy, Helping Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

Introduction  RunBuggy’s technology is helping its partners reduce their carbon footprint more than ever. As our data science team continues to improve order grouping tools, our transportation network is seeing…
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Team Leaders

RunBuggy’s data science and technology teams have robust industry expertise that give our clients an edge in developing and analyzing vehicle logistics solutions.

Dr. Patrick Weinkam

Head of Data Science

Sasha Jovicic


Dr. David Erickson

Senior Data Scientist

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