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The New “Normal” Car Buying Experience

A large truck delivers new cars via highway.

After decades of doing things the exact same way, car buying is changing right before our eyes in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. People want to avoid dealerships out of an abundance of caution. But they still need to buy cars because their last one broke down, they want to take advantage of low-interest rates, or simply because they find something they like. Some might even argue this is the best time in ages to shop for something new. Fortunately, there are ways to do that safely.

That starts by buying a car online instead of in-person. Car shopping online has been possible for years now, but only recently has it become really accessible. 

·       Do your homework

·       Take a virtual tour

·       Search for deals

·       Consider certified pre-owned

·       Arrange Car Shipping

Honestly, this is the hardest part about car shopping online. Dealerships have done an great job of adapting the auto buying experience to meet the public health requirements of the moment. However, that hardest part of car shopping remotely – before, during, and after the pandemic – is getting a vehicle from point A to point B. That applies to whatever you buy and potentially to your trade-in as well. Some dealerships and online outlets include shipping as part of the sales experience. In other cases, however, buyer’s have to arrange shipping on their own – especially if you buy from a private seller. 

If you need help with shipping a car or truck from any part of the country to your location (or vice versa) rely on RunBuggy to make the arrangements easy. Auto-shipping shouldn’t stop you from trying to buy a car online.  RunBuggy’s tracking capabilities are adding crucial transparency in transportation by giving  you access to a nationwide network of car transporters, through an easy to use app that connects car shippers and haulers in real-time.  

The internet connects you with sellers across the country, but you still need to get whatever you find and buy into your own driveway and that’s where the team at RunBuggy can help assist you day or night with your car shipping needs.