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How to Protect Your Car From Sun Damage

There’s never a bad time to think about sun damage and your vehicle. Even now in the winter, the sun is still beating down on your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, and damaging everything from the paint to the interior.

People who benefit from covered areas to park – public or private garages, covered spots, or even shade under a tree – also see reduced damage from exposure. That being said, not everyone has the ability to find a place to park and block the rays. Especially us at RunBuggy that live in the Southwest, shady spots are a rare find.

The good news is that there’s plenty that you can do even further to reduce the effects of the sun on your car. Here are a few ways to protect your interior, exterior, tires and yes, even the engine from damage brought on by the sun!

Exterior Sun Damage Protection

Obviously, the exterior of your vehicle suffers the most exposure to the rays of the sun. It’s built to withstand it – but heat and UV rays can still take their toll. 

  • Wash Your Car Frequently
  • Hand Dry, Don’t Air Dry
  • Wax 
  • Ceramic Coating

Interior Sun Damage Protection

Inside your vehicle, it’s more to do with covering up than chemicals. Obviously, you can’t just cover up the outside of your vehicle conveniently – but there’s plenty of preventative measures to take inside.

  • Seat Covers
  • Windshield Sun Shades
  • Regular Cleaning and Protecting: Especially plastics and rubbers
  • Leather Care

Wheels, Tires, Engine, and More

More than just looks can be affected by the sun. How your car runs and operates can also suffer from degradation from the sun.

  • Wheels: As many wheels feature the same paint and clear coat of the exterior, they can be degraded similarly. This means treating them the same! Wash, hand dry, and wax if possible. 
  • Tires: Rubber in your interior gets punished by the sun – so no surprise that it punishes the rubber of your tires too. Regular use of tire dressing or rubber protectant will help prevent your tires from fading, cracking, or blistering. 
  • Engine: While the engine isn’t directly affected by the sun – the damage the sun does elsewhere can put a strain on your engine. Make sure to check your battery, cooling system, belts, and other fluids regularly when the sun is beating down!

Protection During Car Transport

Sun damage isn’t just when you’re behind the wheel or when your vehicle is parked in your driveaway. It’s anywhere the sun is up, and your vehicle is in the open. Even when you are having it transported it is exposed to the sun’s rays.

A great way to prevent any additional sun damage during transport is by opting for one of our enclosed trailer options. We often talk about how these protect your vehicle from road debris, but they also protect your car from unnecessary sunlight exposure, heat, and UV rays. Using enclosed transport will get your car where it needs without unnecessary exposure.