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Car Shipping Insurance

Excellence in Every Move

At RunBuggy, we don’t just connect you with carriers; we require that every carrier in our marketplace meets the highest standards for safety, legality, and insurance coverage. Here’s how we guarantee peace of mind with every shipment.

Carrier Excellence

Every carrier must possess a DOT operating authority with a “satisfactory” or higher rating, ensuring they are legally compliant and operationally reliable.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

We require all carriers to have significant cargo and auto liability insurance—starting with cargo coverage that aligns with the value of your shipment. Carriers must also carry a minimum of $1M in auto coverage.

Rigorous Background Checks

Safety is paramount. That’s why we require carriers to conduct thorough background checks on all drivers, including MVD and criminal history, to maintain a trustworthy and secure service.

Continuous Verification

Trust but verify. We automate the verification of these stringent requirements, with regular updates to ensure ongoing compliance and security.

Added Layers of Protection with RunBuggy

Enhanced Insurance Protection

We go above and beyond by backing our carriers with an additional $1M of contingent cargo and auto liability insurance, plus a $10M umbrella policy for unparalleled peace of mind.

Cybersecurity Measures

Your data's security is crucial. We protect it with $10M in cyber liability coverage, alongside advanced technology like software access control monitoring, auditing, and password-less access to keep your information safe and your experience seamless.

Proactive Support

Our dedicated insurance and claims team is always ready to assist, ensuring any claims are processed swiftly and efficiently

Advanced Technology for Your Peace of Mind

RunBuggy's commitment to excellence is backed by cutting-edge technology, offering advanced logging and location tracking for every vehicle move. Our innovative approach simplifies access while enhancing security, making vehicle transportation as safe and straightforward as possible. Discover a safer, more secure way to transport vehicles with RunBuggy.