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Car Shipping for the Snowbird

RunBuggy for Snowbirds

Why spend the winter somewhere cold and snowy when there’s plenty of warm weather to enjoy across the Southern United States? Who wouldn’t want to soak up the sun year-round?

Appealing as the snowbird lifestyle maybe, living in multiple places throughout the year creates some logistical challenges. That’s especially true of car transportation. You want a car at your disposal when you head south for the winter, but you don’t want to rent something for months on end. Having your own vehicle is something you feel familiar and comfortable with to drive around would be ideal, but you might not want to take it on a lengthy road trip from North to South or you’ve driven it south and you need a less stressful way to get it back after winter passes.

Instead of settling for a less than perfect option, consider auto transport. It’s easier than you expect to ship your own car from one state to another. It’s probably more appealing and advantageous too. Most of all, it’s perfectly suited to the snowbird lifestyle, no wonder so many snowbirds rely on RunBuggy to transport their autos year after year. Maybe it’s time you tried it too?

Here are a few reasons why it might appeal to you.

  • Travel Flexibility –With a vehicle hauler getting your car where it needs to go, you’re free to travel however you wish. Fly to your destination, take a train, rent a larger vehicle to handle luggage: it’s entirely up to you because you’re no longer bound to your own vehicle.
  • Time Savings –Depending on where you’re coming from, it can take days to get someplace like Southern Florida. Most people don’t want to spend that much time on the road and would rather reach their destination ASAP. Car transport makes that possible – spend a few hours in an airplane compared to a few days on the highway.
  • Cost Savings –An extended road trip can cost more than you expect factoring in gas, food, lodging, mileage, and any unexpected expenses along the road. In addition to saving on time (the most important currency for many snowbirds) auto transport can also save on travel expenses in some cases. 
  • Safety and Equity –The road is a dangerous place, and every mile you put on your odometer reduces the value of the vehicle a little. Car transport solves both problems. Your vehicle is well protected on the back of a secure vehicle trailer driven by a professional who spends his life on the road. You can also get that vehicle from one side of the country to another without any of the wear and tear that would normally entail. Compared to the alternatives, auto shipping is what’s best for whatever your drive.

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