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Independent dealers, are you constantly juggling multiple vehicle orders, payouts, and wondering about the finer details of your operations? In the world of automotive logistics, the devil is indeed in the details, and that’s where HiTCH comes into play. 

Micro Visibility with HiTCH

Imagine having a clear, granular view of your vehicle orders: How many vehicles are being shipped to you, payouts per vendor, VIN details, and more. HiTCH empowers independent dealers with micro-level visibility, bringing clarity and depth to your logistics operations. 

Why Micro Visibility Matters

Running an independent dealership can be like managing a finely-tuned machine. Each component matters, and HiTCH recognizes this. 

  • Granularity: HiTCH provides a level of detail that lets you see every piece of the puzzle. It’s like having a magnifying glass for your logistics. 
  • Streamlined Operations: With this depth of information, you can streamline your operations efficiently, making sure each step is as efficient as possible. 
  • Transparency: Clarity fosters trust, both within your team and with your partners. Knowing every detail helps eliminate misunderstandings and ensures smoother operations. 
  • Efficiency: Armed with this information, you can make data-driven decisions, improving efficiency and saving time. No more guessing games; you have the facts at your fingertips. 

Customizable Task Management 

HiTCH goes beyond just visibility. It offers customizable task management with automated alerts for potential escalations. Imagine a system that not only shows you what’s happening but also helps you take action when needed. 

Whether it’s managing the delivery of vehicles to your dealership or optimizing routes for pickups and drop-offs, HiTCH helps you stay on top of every detail. 

Get Started with HiTCH

Ready to experience the next level of logistics clarity and efficiency? whether you’re an auction, lender, part of a corporate dealer group, independent dealers, or just looking for logistics solutions, HiTCH has something for everyone.  Schedule a demo of HiTCH today at Say goodbye to the logistics guesswork and hello to the precision of HiTCH.