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HITCH is a next-generation transportation management system (TMS) that can greatly benefit auction houses in several ways. 

Track and Manage 

HITCH allows auction houses to track and manage the movement of vehicles from consignors to their warehouses and then to the final buyers. This includes scheduling pickups, monitoring the transportation process, and ensuring that vehicles are delivered on time. With HITCH, auction houses can easily keep track of the status of each vehicle, reducing the risk of loss or damage. 

Optimize Logistics 

HITCH can help auction houses to optimize their logistics and reduce transportation costs. By consolidating multiple pickups and deliveries, HITCH can help auction houses to reduce the number of trucks and drivers needed to move vehicles. This can lead to significant cost savings. HITCH can also help auction houses to negotiate better rates with their transportation partners by providing them with detailed data on transportation volumes and routes. 


HITCH allows auction houses to provide customers with real-time visibility into the transportation process. This includes providing customers with estimated delivery times, tracking numbers, and real-time location of the item. This improves the overall customer experience and allows customers to plan for the delivery of the vehicle. 


HITCH can help auction houses to comply with legal regulations related to transportation. HITCH can help auction houses to keep track of compliance-related documents such as bills of lading, insurance certificates, and driver qualifications. This reduces the risk of fines and penalties for non-compliance. 

Improved Efficiency 

HITCH can help auction houses to improve their overall operational efficiency by automating transportation-related tasks such as scheduling, invoicing, and payment tracking. This can help auction houses to focus on their core business activities, such as consigning vehicles, marketing, and selling vehicles. 

HITCH- Your TMS Solution

With HITCH, auction houses can stay competitive in a highly dynamic and fast-paced industry. Start using HITCH today and experience the benefits for yourself with no setup fees, no integration fees, no migration fees, and no monthly subscription fees.