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Corporate dealer groups oversee a vast network of dealerships, and managing logistics efficiently is crucial. HiTCH’s micro visibility addresses this need, allowing corporate dealer groups to dive deep into logistics details. 

The Power of Micro Visibility for Corporate Dealer Groups

Here’s how HiTCH’s micro visibility feature can revolutionize logistics: 

Granularity: HiTCH provides a level of detail that’s unparalleled in logistics management. You can access order details, payouts per vendor, and even the number of vehicles per vendor. This granularity offers you a complete picture of your operations. 

Depth: HiTCH doesn’t just scratch the surface; it goes deep into your logistics data. With HiTCH, you can analyze every aspect of your vehicle transportation, from individual orders to vendor performance. 

Clarity: In logistics, clarity is paramount. HiTCH offers a crystal-clear view of your operations. You’ll never have to guess or rely on incomplete information again. 

Operational Efficiency: Micro visibility isn’t just about seeing more; it’s about doing more with what you see. HiTCH’s detailed insights enable you to make informed decisions and optimize your logistics for maximum efficiency. 

A Competitive Edge

In the competitive automotive industry, having a competitive edge can make all the difference. HiTCH’s micro visibility feature gives corporate dealer groups the edge they need to excel in logistics management. 

Get Started with HiTCH

Ready to dive deep into your logistics operations? Schedule a demo of HiTCH today at and experience the power of micro visibility. 

Whether you’re an auction, lender, independent dealer, or part of a corporate dealer group. HiTCH is your all-in-one solution for automotive logistics excellence.