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In the world of lending, efficiency is the key to success. Lenders require seamless processes to manage their assets and ensure timely transactions. HiTCH, the innovative Transportation Management Solution (TMS), recognizes the importance of access to the RunBuggy Marketplace, offering lenders a competitive edge. 

The Significance of Access

For lenders, access to the right resources at the right time is crucial. Whether you’re dealing with repossessions or fleet management, having access to a reliable marketplace can make all the difference in the efficiency and profitability of your operations. 

Access RunBuggy Marketplace through HiTCH

HiTCH makes access to the RunBuggy Marketplace a cornerstone of its TMS. This means that lenders can tap into a vast network of transporters with ease. It’s like having the keys to the kingdom – you gain access to a wide array of trucks and resources, ensuring that your lending operations run smoothly. 

Efficiency Unleashed with the RunBuggy Marketplace

With HiTCH’s access to the RunBuggy Marketplace, lenders can quickly and efficiently manage their asset transportation needs. Whether it’s moving repossessed vehicles or ensuring the timely delivery of fleet assets, access to a diverse pool of transporters ensures that you can handle any situation effectively. 

Resourceful Solutions

Furthermore, HiTCH empowers lenders with resourceful solutions. This means you have the means to allocate the right transporters for the job, optimize routes, and ensure cost-effective transportation. It’s all about being resourceful in your lending operations. 

Seamless Integration

HiTCH ensures seamless integration with other systems, such as Auto IMS, to provide compatibility and flexibility in managing lending operations. This level of integration streamlines your lending processes, making them more efficient and responsive to market demands. 

Experience Efficiency Today

Are you ready to experience the efficiency and resourcefulness that HiTCH offers to lenders? Schedule a demo today at and see how HiTCH can optimize your lending operations by providing access to the RunBuggy Marketplace.