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HITCH is a transportation management system (TMS) developed by RunBuggy that helps companies to optimize and streamline their transportation operations. Over the past 4 years, RunBuggy has spent time building and optimizing HITCH to be a next-generation platform that utilizes open, standards-based, enterprise-grade architecture and best-in-class security. This means that companies can have confidence that their transportation operation will deliver 24×7. 


HITCH offers a range of features to help companies optimize their transportation logistics. Companies can create orders individually or in bulk, consolidate vehicle orders, manage internal and external pick-up/drop-off scheduling, and optimize transportation based on rates, asset availability, and other business constraints. The platform also enables companies to execute dynamic or static routing requirements, manage continuous moves, and enhance collaboration and communication to accommodate visibility, alerting, escalations, and tracking needs. 


HITCH also provides granular visibility and task-based control of operations as well as summary snapshots of period-based operations and tasks. It also offers the ability to share visibility of BOL and Vehicle Inspections at Pick-up/Drop-off. Additionally, the platform offers integrated, automated and transparent payments and claims management. It allows companies to maintain partner and transporter-specific rate tables, variable fares/payouts by customer, transporter, and geography. It automates payments to transporters and enables payments to financial systems. The system also offers audit support for itemized charges and advanced claims management capabilities to help companies better manage invoicing and reconciliation. 

Visualization and Communication 

HITCH also offers advanced visualization and seamless communication. It provides a unified user experience across every role in the transportation network. The platform includes in-app messaging for quick and easy peer communication and simple, fast search features to help you quickly find the information you need. With proactive alerting configurable for changes and exceptions, it allows companies to have complete control over the entire logistics operation. 


The platform also includes features such as transporter management, automated operations, 3rd party portal, fleet management, and the RunBuggy Marketplace. This allows companies to optimize their entire fleet, conduct efficient transportation operations, provide a secure portal for customers, manage their transportation assets, and augment their capacity with 17,000 drivers. 

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