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The repossession process is a complex and challenging task. There are many issues that Repo firms are faced with when trying to get vehicles moved. 

Issues Proper Equipment and Resources  

Many smaller companies or independent drivers may not have access to the necessary equipment, such as specialized trailers or lift gates, to safely transport certain types of vehicles. This can lead to delays in getting the vehicle to its destination or increased costs for the customer to provide their own equipment. 

Issues with Limited Availability of Drivers 

There may be a shortage of available drivers with the proper licenses and certifications to operate the equipment needed to transport certain types of vehicles. This can lead to delays in scheduling pick-ups and deliveries. 

Difficulty Coordinating with the Customer 

Repos may have trouble coordinating with the customer to schedule a pick-up time and location, or to obtain necessary documentation for the transport. This can result in delays and added costs for the repo company. 

Damage During Transport  

If a vehicle is not properly secured during transport, it can be damaged in transit. This can lead to additional costs for repairs and decreased value of the vehicle. 

Insurance and Liability Concerns 

Repos may be concerned about the potential for damage or loss during transport, and may require the customer to provide additional insurance coverage to protect against these risks. This can increase the overall cost of the transport for the customer. 

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