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As the automotive industry embraces sustainability and cleaner energy solutions, the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) is transforming the landscape of car shipping. With their increasing popularity, EVs present unique challenges and opportunities for the car shipping industry. In this blog post, we will explore the impact of electric vehicles on car shipping and how RunBuggy is adapting to meet the evolving needs of this growing market. 

The Growth of Electric Vehicles 

The adoption of electric vehicles has been steadily increasing as more consumers recognize the benefits of reduced emissions and lower operating costs. As EVs become mainstream, the demand for shipping these vehicles from manufacturers to dealerships and customers is on the rise. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and Range Anxiety 

One of the key challenges associated with shipping electric vehicles is addressing the concerns of charging infrastructure and range anxiety. RunBuggy is actively collaborating with partners to develop innovative solutions that ensure seamless transportation of EVs, including access to charging stations and real-time range monitoring during transit. 

Specialized Handling and Safety Measures 

Electric vehicles have unique handling and safety requirements due to their high-voltage systems and battery technology. RunBuggy recognizes the importance of specialized training and equipment for transporting EVs safely. Through our verified transporter program, we ensure that haulers possess the necessary expertise and tools to handle electric vehicles securely. 

RunBuggy’s EV Shipping Solutions 

RunBuggy leads the EV revolution with tailored shipping solutions for EV transportation needs. Our platform integrates advanced tracking and monitoring, offering real-time updates on charging status and location of EVs.

Partnership with Charging Infrastructure Providers 

To address the charging infrastructure challenge, RunBuggy is actively partnering with charging infrastructure providers to ensure a network of conveniently located charging stations along shipping routes. This collaboration promotes the efficient and sustainable transportation of EVs, offering peace of mind to both shippers and customers. 


As EVs gain prominence, RunBuggy adapts and offers specialized services for shipping eco-friendly vehicles. Our commitment to sustainability, safety, and innovation equips us to meet the challenges of EVs. Stay tuned as we optimize services to support the industry in the electric era.

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