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The Future of Auto Shipping

RunBuggy helps car haulers get paid fast

With the explosion of technology that we are witnessing, we are yet to see peak technology in the auto transport industry. Given that shipping demands will continue rising, innovation will continue being the ultimate solution for shipment delays.

Auto transportation is a century-old industry that can be traced to the invention of automobiles. Even though these rudimentary cars weren’t in high demand due to the prohibitive cost, there was the need to transport vehicles between manufacturers and buyers as early as 1920. 

As you can imagine, the auto shipping industry isn’t the same as it was decades ago. There has been a tremendous transformation catalyzed by state-of-the-art technologies designed to streamline the shipping process. In today’s modern era, technology is an unbelievable innovator. It provides solutions to challenges burdening society. With this in mind, technological development has been at the forefront of refining the auto transport industry.  For instance, a platform like Runbuggy gives you access to a nationwide network of car transporters through an easy to use app. It allows buyers to quickly see where their vehicles are while in-transport and allow open communication between driver and customer in real time.

Smart Phones and Tablets- As obvious as it may sound, many shippers weren’t using these gadgets in managing their shipping process in the early history of the auto transportation industry, depriving them of the benefits that smartphones bring to the industry. Smartphones enable drivers to provide real-time information such as delivery status and current location. Smartphones also help in determining the ideal route to take by utilizing GPS.

Route Optimization Algorithms – By using sophisticated algorithms to determine the ideal route and identify additional pick-up opportunities along the way, transporters can run fully loaded and increase their profit, while car shippers can see faster delivery times at reduced cost.

Alternative Sources of Fuel– Fuel is one of the highest costs in the shipping industry. However, due to technological advancements in fuel-efficiency, auto shippers can enjoy fuel sources that are cheaper and beneficial to the environment.  As we trend towards a greener economy, the use of diesel will ebb away, and shippers will increasingly start using long-haul electric trucks. The technology is still at an early stage in auto shipping, but it will soon gain traction in the industry.

The auto shipping industry has come a long way. With the help of technology, we will continue witnessing a revolution in the auto transport industry. Due to the need to elevate customers’ experience and increase sales, shippers will continue integrating smart technologies into their transport processes.

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