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Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence pricing engine is engineered specifically for the vehicle transportation industry.

PHOENIX, AZRunBuggy Inc., the leading technology platform that connects car shippers and transporters, announced today the launch of Torque™, an AI-based pricing engine that will optimize pricing for car transportation.

RunBuggy’s Torque™ AI pricing engine uses advanced algorithms to analyze real-time data from multiple sources, including weather patterns, traffic conditions, and historical trends, to calculate the most competitive pricing for shippers like dealers, auctions, repos, and OEM finance captives. RunBuggy Torque™ makes it easy for shippers, both small and large, to streamline their pricing and provide transporters the most attractive fares to ensure their vehicles are moved quickly.

“We are excited to launch Torque,” said Sasha Jovicic, CTO for RunBuggy,  “Our AI-based pricing model will revolutionize the car transportation industry. Torque will enable us to provide our customers with the most competitive prices for car transportation, reduce delivery times, and cut carbon emissions while also helping our transporters maximize their earnings. With Torque, we will be able to optimize our pricing in real-time, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible value for their money.”

Patrick Weinkam, Head of Data Science for RunBuggy, added, “Torque is the result of years of research and development by our data science team. We’ve built a sophisticated AI algorithm that analyzes a vast amount of data in real-time to determine the optimal price for each car transportation job. Torque will enable us to provide our customers with more accurate and transparent pricing, while also helping our transporters earn more from each job they complete.”

To date RunBuggy has collected and processed millions of data points to expedite deliveries and reduce empty miles, ultimately eliminating more than 10 million pounds of associated greenhouse gas emissions. RunBuggy’s platform not only helps lower carbon emissions, but also provides clear data around those emissions to support ESG initiatives. The proprietary, real-time clustering algorithms RunBuggy has built precisely measure how much carbon is associated with shipping cars, as well as how much is abated compared to conventional methods.

About RunBuggy

RunBuggy is a technology platform that connects car shippers and haulers. RunBuggy allows shippers to seamlessly integrate car transportation services, reducing cost and improving time to deliver. For transporters, RunBuggy offers an alternative to expensive load boards and custom software solutions to better find and manage transportation loads. To learn more, please visit