Why we’re here

Shipping cars can be a pain.  It’s a waiting game played with mounds of paperwork, middlemen and muddled communication.

Not anymore.  We built RunBuggy to remove the roadblocks and make shipping cars quick and easy.

Car Haulers Own Your Lane


Free to Use

Unlike brokers and load boards, we don’t charge you to find cars to transport.  Download the RunBuggy app today and put more money in your pocket.


Easy To Earn

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use the RunBuggy app.  Claim an order, pick up, drop off, get paid.  It’s that easy.


Get Paid Faster

No more waiting weeks or longer to get a paper check.  With RunBuggy, you can get paid in as little as one day.


Haul More, Wait Less

Time is money.  The more time you spend waiting around or looking for new orders, the less money you make.  We make pick-ups and drop-offs super simple and help you better plan your day so you’re never running on empty.

Car Shippers Move Cars - Not Paperwork


More Haulers, Less Hassle

All you need to do is add your order and within minutes you’ll be connected with one of our qualified car transporters.


Stay Connected

From Pick-up to Drop-off – keep track of your order and communicate directly with the driver right within the RunBuggy app.  No more wondering where, when or how your car will arrive.


No Paperwork

The RunBuggy app provides electronic BOL, invoicing and payments so you can move your cars without the pile of paperwork.

Stay in the Know

Get the latest and greatest on all things RunBuggy.