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If you ship cars regularly, you need RunBuggy

RunBuggy - Move More Cars

Are you a car dealer who regularly uses an automotive transporter? Plenty of dealerships need to transport their inventory from the auction to the dealership, or from another dealership in the form of a dealer trade, and with the recent popularity of online car shopping, it’s easier than ever for consumers to find their dream vehicle online, no matter where it is located, and have it shipped to them. 
This is where RunBuggy auto transport services can come in handy, no matter why a dealership needs to move vehicles, it can be an extremely complicated and involved process.  So ensuring that dealership transports are performed smoothly and affordable is crucial for the success of any auto dealer.  

For instance, many dealerships move quite a few cars at once – buy bulk, that whole thing. So they have to move up to ten cars from one location to another timely and cost-effectively. Organizing the transport of all those vehicles can be a logistical nightmare for some, but At RunBuggy, we have you covered with the largest open marketplace of trusted auto transporters.  

At RunBuggy, we believe not only in great customer service, but also in the fact that customers who have a great experience shipping their car with us will want to do so again in the future. We offer many different dealer auto transport services, from your basic open car transport to full-load transportation, enclosed transportation, and much more. We do what other companies do – but better. With instant, upfront pricing.  Know before you ship. The price you see is the price you pay and with our dynamic, market-based pricing algorithms, you’re guaranteed to get the best price always. Also we don’t charge any fees, no one time fees, monthly recurring or subscription fees. We’re not a load board or a broker, we’re just a better way to move cars. 

We can provide dealer auto transport services from anywhere, to anywhere in the contiguous United States, regardless of where you’re shipping to or from.  We’ll handle all the logistics regarding the transportation, and if you’re shipping multiple vehicles we’ll make sure that as many are loaded onto one carrier as possible.  Our resourceful and experienced concierge team work hard to ensure that your transportation goes as smoothly as possible.

Dealers count on us every day for their auto shipping needs.  We have established great relationships with well known car dealers across the country simply by providing a professional service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction.

If you’d like to learn more about how RunBuggy can help your dealership move cars, contact our team to schedule a demo.