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Independent dealerships can be more cost-efficient with using a car shipping company, such as RunBuggy, by implementing the following strategies: 

Bundle Shipments 

Instead of shipping cars one at a time, independent auto dealers can bundle multiple vehicles together in one shipment. This will result in cost savings as the shipping company will charge a lower rate per vehicle for a larger shipment. 

Choosing The Right Shipping Method 

Independent dealers should choose the most cost-effective shipping method for their needs. For example, open transport is typically cheaper than enclosed transport, but it may not be the best option for high-end or luxury vehicles. 

Flexibility With Pick-Up and Delivery Dates 

Independent dealerships should be flexible with the pick-up and delivery dates of their vehicles, as this can help them secure lower shipping rates. This is because shipping companies often offer lower rates for loads that can be delivered during off-peak periods. 

Top Technology  

Independent dealerships should consider using technology such as the RunBuggy mobile app, online tracking, and automated invoicing to streamline the shipping process, which can help to reduce costs. 

By implementing these strategies, independent dealerships can be more cost-efficient with using a car shipping company like RunBuggy and ensure that they are getting the best deal possible. 

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