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Record high gas prices are sweeping the globe, and one of the most impacted groups are the truckers right here at home. America hasn’t seen gas prices at these historic highs since 2008, making the business of transporting vehicles across the country quite pricy. Now more than ever, it is crucial for haulers to think twice about their trucking loads.


Transporters know that with gas prices so high it’s important to carefully consider which orders to accept and how much each order pays so they can  prioritize their time. It’s too expensive to be driving around with a truck that’s not completely full.


RunBuggy has worked hard to integrate state-of-the-art technology that helps direct auto-haulers to orders that are in their lane and keep trucks full.


RunBuggy’s technology uses  machine learning algorithms to match and group transportation orders automatically. By using technology to combine multiple orders that have similar pickup and drop-off locations, RunBuggy helps drivers find more loads and optimize their travel routes.


All of this means RunBuggy helps truckers avoid unnecessary time on the road, cut empty miles and reduce the amount of gas they use.

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