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In the fast-paced world of the automotive industry, the ability to expand your buying power beyond your immediate network can be a game-changer. RunBuggy, a leading name in car transportation services, is here to help you do just that.

Expanding Dealerships Buying Power

Traditionally, dealerships have relied on a network of other dealerships and auctions to acquire vehicles. This method, while effective, can sometimes limit the range of vehicles available to them. With RunBuggy, dealerships can broaden their horizons and tap into markets beyond their immediate network.

By leveraging RunBuggy’s transportation services, dealerships can purchase vehicles from regions previously inaccessible to them. This opens up opportunities to acquire rare, hard-to-find, or high-demand vehicles that may not be available in their local market. The result? An enriched inventory, increased sales, and improved revenue opportunities.

Empowering Individual Consumers Buying Power

RunBuggy’s services are not just beneficial for dealerships but also for individual consumers. Suppose a consumer is searching for a specific make and model of a vehicle that is not available in their local market. In that case, they can utilize RunBuggy’s services to purchase the vehicle from another region or even another country.

This expanded buying power can help consumers acquire their desired vehicle at a potentially better price, improving their overall buying experience.

RunBuggy: Your Partner in Automotive Transportation

At the heart of this expanded buying power is RunBuggy’s commitment to providing top-notch transportation services. With a nationwide network of over 17,000 verified haulers, RunBuggy ensures that your vehicle is transported efficiently and safely, regardless of its origin or destination.

RunBuggy’s services are designed to be seamless and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on what matters most – finding the perfect vehicle. Whether you’re a dealership looking to diversify your inventory or an individual consumer searching for your dream car, RunBuggy is here to facilitate your journey.


In the ever-evolving automotive landscape, RunBuggy stands out as a trusted partner, helping businesses and individuals alike expand their buying power. By providing reliable and efficient transportation services, RunBuggy is revolutionizing the way we buy and transport vehicles.

Experience the RunBuggy difference today. Visit to create your FREE account and start your journey towards an expanded automotive horizon.