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This is the sixth part in a multi-part series on Cybersecurity.

HITCH is a cloud-based TMS (Transportation Management System) based on the latest technology available in the car transportation industry. This technology allows RunBuggy customers to overcome problems inherent in traditional delivery chains. RunBuggy stays ahead of the competition, which consists primarily of load boards. We are able to accomplish this by offering route planning, detailed real-time information about orders, and updated reports on the carrier.

The Advantages of a Cloud-Based TMS

There are many advantages to using HITCH. It simplifies the control and management of both orders and carriers, ensuring a streamlined process for our customers. There are no surprises along the way, as we use available reports that are based on real-time data including customer data, the shipping address, the exact location of vehicles being shipped, and the order status. HITCH also simplifies communication, allowing for direct contact between shippers and haulers. This groundbreaking technology also provides us with predictive data science analytics.

These factors lead to the boost of overall productivity, as we leverage the latest cloud-based technology that is available. No longer will customers have to worry about the safety of their vehicle during the transit process.

Predictive Analytics

RunBuggy’s data science team uses predictive analytics to improve the visibility of vehicle shipment status and location. This helps our customers avoid costs incurred by late or off-schedule deliveries. RunBuggy creates new business opportunities by meeting visibility requirements. We ensure on-time deliveries for our customers while producing less CO2 waste. Another feature of predictive analytics is the ability to forecast shipments based on actual customer demand and buying behavior. We’ll take a deeper dive into this data science in a future installment of this series, as RunBuggy is on the cutting edge of this fascinating field.

In the seventh part of this multi-part series, we’ll look at RunBuggy’s SSO integration capabilities.

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