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Car Shipping and the Auction

Shipping your car from the auction

Bought a car at auction? Congrats. Now how are you going to get it back to your home or dealership? You’ve got two options- you can drive it or you can ship it. And as you can imagine, RunBuggy always recommend shipping :).

A vehicle such as a car, truck, van, or SUV can be hauled from any auction as it would other location like your home or a business. It’s just a matter of having all the information on the vehicle in order and assuring all payments to the auction have cleared. This way the vehicle is released for pickup.

Why you should ship your car

Some reasons why shipping is advisable are:

  1. If the car is inoperable.
  2. The distance of travel is a long one.
  3. You may not be sure of the full capacity of the car yet, considering the fact that you just bought it and have not serviced it yet. You do not want to get stranded half-way.
  4. If you buy the car online, shipping the car will save you the stress of going to pick it up, especially if it is a long distance.
  5. With a car shipping company, you can ship to any destination you want. Or get it to your doorstep if you so wish.

Is your car operable or inoperable?

What this means is, if your car can be driven or it has to be towed or something. This determines the type of carrier that would be used to ship your car. It is important to state this during booking. This is because if for some reason the vehicle turns out to be inoperable, when the truck driver gets to the auction site, he might not be able to carry the vehicle. He will most likely not have the necessary equipment to lift the car. Also this error will incur additional charges on your part. So be sure to clearly state the condition of the car.

What type of car are you shipping?

Depending on the type of car you want to ship, you can either go for an open or enclosed shipping option. Usually, enclosed shipping is used for classic cars, luxury and sport cars and the likes. Cars that will only be used for fancy occasions and not exposed to day-to-day run-arounds. But if your car is not quite classy and will be used for daily activities like going to work, running errands, picking up your kids, meaning it is naturally going to be exposed to environmental elements like dusts, weather, etc, then open shipping is the best option. Open shipping is the more common option and it costs less than enclosed shipping. Enclosed shipping is more expensive but it will keep that posh car from being degraded by the weather and other environmental elements.

More Options Less Hassle With RunBuggy!

With RunBuggy, you can quickly choose whether you want an open or enclosed truck and how you want you car to be delivered. RunBuggy also provides tiered-pricing so you can select the level of service that best aligns with your needs and budget.

And with RunBuggy’s standardized forms and easy to use interface, the information the transporter sees is clear and accurate, resulting in a smoother pick-up and drop-off every time.

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