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When you’re waiting for inventory to be shipped, the last thing you want is a delay due to traffic. As our team of experts designed the RunBuggy platform, we knew to expect the unexpected. That is why the RunBuggy platform utilizes GIS, or a Geographic Information System. Our intelligent GIS means that vehicle haulers can get your shipment to you faster than ever.

You may be asking yourself: What is GIS and how does my automotive business benefit from it?

Whether you are shipping for a dealership, auction house, repo organization, or OEM, you’ve likely faced inventory delays due to haulers getting stuck in bad traffic conditions. When you choose to use RunBuggy, you will be connected to haulers who have access to our Geographic Information System that allows them to determine the best trucking route to get your delivery to you in a timely manner.

GIS is a spatial system that creates, manages, analyzes, and maps all kinds of data. RunBuggy’s GIS accesses historical and real-time traffic data, then maps out the optimal trucking route for auto haulers. The GIS technology applies geographic science and information with tools that allow for creation of geographic patterns that emerge from well-mapped data.

Information becomes integrated from days layers that are gathered by using spatial location. Our Geographic Information System accesses traffic conditions, and the computer system then captures, stores, checks, and displays relevant data. RunBuggy’s best-in-class technology is specifically engineered for scalability and extensibility.

As RunBuggy collects and analyzes both historical and real-time transportation logistics data, our GIS compares optimal routes from gathered data to help inform our grouping results. We then share the best trucking routes with our haulers, allowing them to successfully avoid traffic congestion and longer journeys.

When our trucking partners have access to this state-of-the-art GIS system, they have access to the fastest available routes. This enterprise grade technology means that shippers across the country no longer have to worry about inventory delays. RunBuggy’s advanced platform utilizes GIS to ensure that vehicle shippers can expect their inventory delivered in a timely fashion. Learn more about RunBuggy’s enterprise-grade platform: