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In the complex world of automotive logistics, understanding and organizing vast amounts of information is crucial. That’s where AI comes in, particularly a feature known as entity extraction or named entity recognition (NER). For those unfamiliar with these terms, think of them as AI tools that help identify and categorize important information from text. Entity extraction is making a big difference in managing the diverse needs of our shipper customers, from large manufacturers to individual clients. 

What is Entity Extraction? 

Entity extraction, or named entity recognition, is a part of AI that focuses on identifying key words or phrases in text and classifying them into predefined categories. In the context of automotive logistics, this means AI can recognize and differentiate between various types of customers and their specific needs, whether it’s a large Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), a dealership, or a single customer. 

Navigating Complexity in Automotive Logistics 

In automotive logistics, we deal with a wide range of customers and each has unique requirements. For example, shipping vehicles for an OEM like Toyota involves different challenges compared to shipping a single car purchased by an individual. Entity extraction helps us quickly identify and understand these different requirements, ensuring that each customer gets the tailored service they need. 

Precision and Accuracy in Logistics 

Using entity extraction, AI can accurately categorize different types of moves in our logistics process. This precision is crucial in a field where each move type. Whether it’s transporting new models from a manufacturer or delivering a car to a dealership. Each has its own set of complexities and requirements. With AI, we can navigate these intricacies more efficiently, providing precise and reliable service. 


Entity extraction is more than just a technical feature. It’s a game-changer in how we manage and streamline operations in automotive logistics. AI enables us to quickly categorize and respond to different customer needs. In turn helping us to deliver more accurate and efficient services. Learn more about RunBot and our AI at