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If you’ve ever asked “Why should I work with RunBuggy?”, here are 9 reasons why you should drop what you’re doing and contact us:

  1. WE SUPPORT EVERY KIND OF AUTOMOTIVE LOGISTICS MOVE AT SCALE.Whether you need to move a car to or from a dealership, auction, reconditioning center, or a customer’s home, RunBuggy’s technology helps to move them all.
  2. OUR “FLEET” IS INFINITELY EXPANDABLE. We are a marketplace, and are signing up dozens of transport companies every week. Our network of transporters allows for any size car-hauling truck to retrieve a unit from anywhere in the United States, regardless of the width of a street or weight of a load. This breadth and variety can never be achieved by our “asset-heavy” competitors who own their own fleets. Our industry’s logistics needs are changing faster now than ever before, and we are perfectly positioned to meet those dynamic needs.
  3. SHIPPERS AND THEIR CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCE AN “AMAZONIFICATION” OF CAR DELIVERY: When a car is in-transit, live updates are accessible and interactive by text message and email. While we developed these tools for consumers to use while anticipating delivery of their cars, Dealerships, Auctions and Remarketing professionals have also responded positively to this unique transparency.
  4. OUR OWN ENGINEERS BUILT AND MAINTAIN OUR MARKETPLACE: The RunBuggy platform has been designed, engineered, tested, optimized and deployed entirely “in house”. We employ a full-time staff of developers, designers and product engineers. This allows us to more effectively collaborate during integrations with our customers’ management systems; those who built the product are well-positioned to find the best technical configuration.
  5. OUR PRICING IS SIMPLE: RunBuggy customers only pay for the cost of transporting each car. We do not charge integration, subscription, set-up, maintenance or any other fees. Our customers simply pay the fare to move each car from one place to another (which they would be doing anyway, with any other provider). The reporting, analytics, communication, real-time transparency surrounding orders, and customer service are all FREE.
  6. WE ENABLE FULLER TRUCKS, WHICH IS GOOD FOR HAULERS AND SHIPPERS. A more effective transport system increases the percentage of “full” trucks on our roads and benefits both sides of the marketplace. Transporters make more money by reducing their non-revenue miles driven, which leads to shippers paying less per unit moved. RunBuggy’s data science team develops and refines algorithms that match available orders with empty trucks. This technology helps reduce “empty miles” for all transport companies on our platform.
  7. WE INTEGRATE WITH SOME OF THE BIGGEST NAMES IN AUTOMOTIVE RETAIL: Most of our orders come via our integrations with large OEMs, captives and digital platforms. To those partners whose business models rely on digital retail only, we are a critical partner.
  8. EVERY TRANSPORTER IS VETTED: Transporters wanting to join the RunBuggy marketplace must provide Proof of Insurance ($1 million coverage per truck), a valid Certificate of Operating Authority (federal and state, where required) and a W-9, which enables us to automatically pay them within 24 hours of completing their drop-off.
  9. CAR HAULERS GET PAID FASTER WITH RUNBUGGY: We charge the shipper and pay the hauler as soon as we see the move is complete. Car Haulers no longer have to chase invoices or call dispatchers for payments. We have removed a huge hassle for the auto transport professionals.