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With the used car market seeing record pricing, now is the perfect time to add to your inventory. If you are a dealership , finding used cars may be easy, but getting them to your lot may not be. The longer you wait, the more opportunity will pass you by. Use RunBuggy to get used vehicle inventory, from anywhere in the country, onto your lot, today.

Right now, dealerships can sell a slightly-used-year-old vehicle model for more than one brand new off the line. The pre-owned car market has just been getting hotter, and prices have continued to rise. By adding more inventory to your lot, you can increase your bottom line. RunBuggy uses order-transporter matching algorithms to efficiently connect shippers with haulers who can deliver the order fast. With our location optimization, you can expect to get a shipment of used inventory quickly.

Dealerships around the country are impacted by the nationwide microchip shortage impacting their new inventory. Without as many new models coming onto the lot, it is important to improvise. With supply chain issues still ongoing, you might have already over-sourced your local market and you aren’t getting the number of trade-ins you want. The RunBuggy platform gives you nationwide coverage, so you can expand your reach beyond your local market and secure transportation for vehicles across the whole country. RunBuggy has built an extensive network of verified transporters that are available across the United States, so you can pick up and drop off a car anywhere.

RunBuggy takes the hassle out of working with a vehicle transporter. Our technology offers end-to-end transparency. Auto shippers can see, in real-time, exactly where their vehicle is en route, eliminating unnecessary waiting and worrying. The driver will let you know exactly when you can expect your vehicle to be delivered with RunBuggy ETA. If you ever need to get in contact with your auto hauler, you can connect with them easily through the app.

Stop waiting to add used inventory to your lot, it is time to cash in now while the market is hot. RunBuggy helps you get used vehicles from anywhere in the country and makes the delivery process quick and easy. Learn more about RunBuggy at