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It’s past time to simplify your shipping experience. The innovative RunBuggy technology and easy-to-use platform are designed to allow auto-shippers to enjoy a seamless shipping process. Whether you are in need of a vehicle shipped for an auction house, lender, repo, dealership, or OEM, RunBuggy is happy to partner with organizations of all sizes. Here are five top benefits that RunBuggy technology brings to vehicle transporters:

Ship any vehicle, anytime.

Whether you need to transport a motorcycle, sports car, minivan, coupe, SUV, vintage vehicle, or even a boat- RunBuggy has got you covered. Our expansive network of transporters are all qualified and trustworthy, so you can get your vehicle shipped without worry. No need to spend countless hours finding the right hauler for your vehicle. The RunBuggy platform ensures that you don’t need to waste time searching for the perfect fit. We match shippers to haulers quickly, so you can get your vehicle shipped in a timely manner.

Nationwide coverage means getting your vehicle sent anywhere in the US

Say goodbye to local market limitations. Our extensive network of verified transporters are located all around the country. The expert team of data scientists at RunBuggy utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to collect and analyze real-time transportation logistic data. This means we match haulers with vehicles along their route, so vehicle shippers can ensure their cars are delivered quicker. Whether you want a vehicle shipped directly to your dealership or straight to a customer’s driveway, our nationwide coverage will help you deliver a vehicle anywhere. This means it is easier to expand your network beyond the local market.

See all your orders on one easy-to-access screen

Stop sifting through endless emails in search of your order. The RunBuggy platform is easy to use and easy to navigate. The team at RunBuggy is proud to be an industry disruptor. By developing the industry’s first-ever transportation command center. No need for spreadsheets or software to configure and manage your shipment. Our platform makes it easy to quote, ship, track, and pay for your car transportation. RunBuggy can be accessed on any device, making it easier than ever to track your orders.

Transparency from start to finish

The innovative RunBuggy platform is dedicated to not only providing transparency to shippers, but to your customers as well. From start to finish, our technology allows you to track your vehicle in real-time. Our accurate ETA means that both you and your customer know exactly when to expect your delivery. Need to get in contact with your hauler? You can contact them directly through our platform. RunBuggy prides itself on transparency each step of the way.

Stay in the know with our cloud-based platform

Get visibility like never before with RunBuggy’s enterprise-grade platform. We believe that the more you are able to see, the more you are able to know. Our enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities make for an easy process for all involved. With our cloud-based platform, car transportation operation costs and delivery times are reduced for shippers while allowing for a better car buying experience for customers.