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Meet RunBuggy –  the Digital Future of Vehicle Shipping

Ready to let go of the old process of finding an auto-transporter? If you are an auto-shipper at an OEM, dealership, auction house, lender, or repo organization; you know first-hand how time-consuming searching for the right auto-transportation service can be. If you aren’t spending the extra money to work with a broker or to upload on a load board, you’re undertaking the enormous task of finding a vehicle transporter yourself.

You can waste hours looking for a hauler with reputable ratings that can make themselves available in your required timeframe. Then, you have to spend time getting a quote and working out price negotiations. Once you finally find a vehicle transporter, you have to go through countless back-and-forth emails and phone calls just to determine the three Ws of transporting: When can you get your vehicle? Where will the transporter be picking the vehicle up and dropping it off? What kind of state are you expecting your vehicle to arrive in?

After much time spent just determining the basics of automotive shipping, now comes the fun part: paperwork. You have to figure out how the trucker you’ve partnered with wants to get paid, as many of them require cash in hand before you can even get handed over the keys. Worst case scenario, your vehicle arrives damaged. Now you have to deal with paperwork for the insurance agency, and your potential sale is pushed back even further.

What if we told you there was a better way? Meet RunBuggy, the digital future of vehicle shipping. RunBuggy’s innovative platform is streamlining the auto-transport industry as you’ve known it.

With RunBuggy, you have the ability to easily post any vehicle that you want to be transported. RunBuggy only partners with the most reliable haulers, and our network is available 24/7 for your auto-shipping needs. We find haulers that are conveniently located, and get you connected quickly.

Your time is valuable, so we make tracking easy. Track your vehicle from any device, any time. That way you can stay in the know and have a reliable estimate on when your vehicle will be delivered and ready to go. Want a more accurate update on delivery times? Use RunBuggy to connect directly with the vehicle transporter on our platform.


RunBuggy knows that no one loves hidden fees, so the price you see on our platform is the price that you’ll pay. All payments are made directly through RunBuggy, meaning no need to run to the bank last minute. All you have to do is sign for the car, truck, or motorcycle, and the payment happens automatically through our safe and reliable network. No paperwork, no checks, no hassle.

Want to know more about how RunBuggy is dedicated to making auto-shipping easier, faster, and smarter? Get ready for the digital future of vehicle shipping. Learn about how your organization can get started with RunBuggy for free: