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RunBuggy vs. The Status Quo

One thing everyone who ships a car wants to know is, “Where is my car?”. Wondering whether the car has been picked up, where it is en route, when it will get dropped off are all things you want to know. You don’t want to wait for someone to call you back, you want to know where your car is – now.  If we’ve learned anything from Amazon and Uber its we like to know where our packages and drivers are just by clicking on an app on our phone.

The status quo for shipping a car today typically involves a lot of people, paperwork and phone calls. If you want to know where your car is, your first step is to call the broker or logistics company you contracted with to move your car in the first place. The transportation coordinator may need to check with the dispatcher who in turn needs to check with the driver. If that driver does not answer his or her phone, then you’re left waiting in the wind. It can sometimes take hours just to find out that your car hasn’t even been picked up yet.

RunBuggy does things a little different.

We’ve built an app that allows you to see exactly where your car is from pick-up to drop-off and everywhere in between.

By using GPS and location services, our app tracks the transporter’s movements in real-time. There’s no more wondering or worrying where your car is. And just like Uber and Amazon, you can just click on our app from any device and see your car.

We’ve also eliminated all of the paperwork from the process too. This means your transporter isn’t waiting around for authorization or payment – everything is done in the app. By making the transporter’s job easier, they can deliver your car faster. And because you can track your car from your phone, you have more peace of mind.

RunBuggy vs Status Quo