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Electric vehicles, or EVs, are revolutionizing the auto industry. With low running costs and batteries that can be charged at home, EVs are the environmentally friendly future. Electric vehicles currently make up a third of cars on the road, but studies show that dealers can expect EVs to account for more than half of passenger vehicle sales by 2040. With an increase in EV charging technology available across the country and a growing demand for these sustainable vehicles, there is a rising need for EV transportation.

Unfortunately, these electric vehicles come with their own special requirements when they are being shipped. With large lithium-ion batteries, EVs can pose potential risks if they are not transported properly. With regulations in place by the U.S. Department of Transportation, it can be tricky for auto shippers to find the right hauler.

If you are an auction house, repo organization, dealership, or OEM with EV shipping needs- look no further. RunBuggy works with a nationwide network of haulers. Electric vehicles require special care, and our partners can be trusted to provide top-quality service. RunBuggy makes it easy to find an auto-transporter that fits your EV shipping needs.

Electric vehicles are revolutionizing the auto industry, and RunBuggy is revolutionizing the auto transport industry. Our groundbreaking technology simplifies car shipping. With the RunBuggy app, you can move your electric vehicle anywhere in the United States. Letting you expand your reach beyond just your local market, our extensive network of vehicle transporters can help you pick up or deliver a vehicle nationwide.

RunBuggy’s cloud-based technology and trusted network of haulers let you seamlessly transport your electric vehicles without hassle or worry. With our app, you can enjoy end-to-end transparency. No need to haggle prices, all paperwork and payments are covered through our integrated technology platform. You can see your car’s route in real-time, so you won’t be left guessing and waiting for an update. With RunBuggy ETA , your driver will let you know exactly when you can expect delivery. If you need to get in contact with your transporter, you can do so quickly and easily through the app.

Don’t trust just anyone when it comes to shipping EVs. Get access to RunBuggy’s nationwide network of haulers today at