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RunBuggy’s technology is helping its partners reduce their carbon footprint more than ever. As our data science team continues to improve order grouping tools, our transportation network is seeing an increase in business and a decrease in empty truck miles. Upstream, this helps our shipping customers mitigate their environmental impact, greatly reducing emissions associated with their supply chain transportation and distribution.  

Helping Haulers Reduce Direct Emissions

Have you ever seen a car hauler with empty spots? We call those empty miles. Each mile driven without full capacity comes with associated costs for the hauler and the environment. The RunBuggy platform is designed to ensure full capacity, helping our haulers generate maximum revenue from their time spent on the road. Less empty miles also mean less environmental impact. By eliminating unnecessary miles, we see associated savings in greenhouse gas emissions and reduction in environmental strain. Our goal is to group as many orders as possible so that you never see empty spots on a hauler again! 

Helping Shippers Reduce Indirect Emissions

Whether you are a major car manufacturer, a local dealership, or an individual shipping a car to your new home, the RunBuggy Platform can help you reduce your environmental footprint. Since 2021 alone RunBuggy has helped save over 10 Million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions – and that’s just from grouping single vehicle orders! Additionally, our highly knowledgeable data science team is performing emissions analysis for specific partners to help minimize their carbon footprint. We aim to better understand our technology’s true impact on their emissions from supply chain transportation and distribution (GHG Protocol Scope 3 – Category 9). This will provide clear data on their supply chain emissions while also identifying opportunities to further improve environmental performance.  

Accounting for Reduced Carbon Footprint

RunBuggy’s platform will not only help our partners lower their carbon emissions, but we will also be able to provide clear data around those emissions to support their ESG reporting initiatives. We understand the increasing importance of CDP reporting, Science-Based Target setting (SBTi), Net-zero goals, and other relevant emission-monitoring frameworks. At this time, we have developed methodology to estimate the emissions impact of our transportation network. These tools, when built out further, will be able to measure exactly how much carbon is associated with shipping a car(s) on our platform, as well as how much was abated compared to using conventional methods.  

RunBuggy, Your ESG Partner 

Across industries, we recognize reporting emission figures is a key factor of good ESG practice. RunBuggy seeks to act as an ESG partner for its shippers and transporters alike. Whether it be providing data for reports, filling out questionnaires, or developing tailored solutions to help customers understand their environmental impact, we seek to do all we can. ESG is a core value that is engrained into RunBuggy’s culture, and we will continue to lead the industry by optimizing how cars are transported for our customers and our planet. Whether you’re a shipper or a hauler, let us help you get the job done sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint!