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Rethinking how vehicles get onto the lot

The complications that came with the pandemic shined a light on how important it is for dealers to have a strong partner in transportation, one who can help them access a range of quality transporters.

While the logistics industry had been mainly price focused, the importance of reliability, quality and transparency have been thrust to the top. Information is the new currency. And in many cases, technology has been the key to getting dealers the insights they need to efficiently and confidently get their vehicles from point A to B.

Especially in these challenging times, dealers want confidence in knowing that they’ve chosen transporters that are going to deliver not just the vehicles, but on their promised timelines as well.

That’s why RunBuggy’s tracking capabilities are adding crucial transparency in transportation. By enabling dealers to quickly see where their vehicles in-transport are, this technology can help dealerships free up more time to plan their reconditioning, marketing and retail sales more effectively. It’s a game changer for anyone who needs their inventory moved.