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Dealership employees and managers know the struggle. Due to inventory shortages, you aren’t getting a lot of new OEM vehicles coming in. You are trying to get used vehicles on your lot, but you’ve over-sourced inventory in your local region. The used car market is hot, you want more cars on your lot, but you can’t seem to find any new leads for used inventory. If you’re tired of searching endlessly on sites like Facebook Marketplace for pre-owned vehicles, RunBuggy is the solution.

It is time to open up your buying power! We know the difficulties of sourcing inventory in today’s market. RunBuggy is the solution to help you expand your reach beyond the scope of your local market. RunBuggy partners with a nationwide network of haulers who can help you access regions outside of your local sphere. Our extensive network of transporters provides nationwide coverage. With the RunBuggy solution, you can pick up vehicles from any driveway in America.

RunBuggy is here to help facilitate the move of any car, any condition, from any location. If you are looking to get inventory to your lot, RunBuggy’s network of certified auto-transporters can get vehicles to your dealership quickly and efficiently. Expand your search beyond your current resources, with RunBuggy you can get inventory from anywhere in America.

Our app simplifies car shipping. The RunBuggy platform is easy-to-use, taking out the hassle of finding a hauler. Our seamlessly integrated technology platform streamlines auto transportation, and allows you to access vehicles outside of your local region. Instead of spending hours looking for reputable car haulers, you can access RunBuggy’s network of verified transporters 24/7.

With haulers available around the clock, you can expect your vehicle delivery quickly. No more waiting around to see if there are new vehicles posted in your local market, why limit yourself? Take advantage of our nationwide network of haulers and gain access to any region in America.

If you’re tired of hassling and hidden fees, there is a better way. With RunBuggy, the price that you see listed is the price that you’ll pay. No need to fuss with paperwork and invoices, everything is taken care of digitally through the RunBuggy app. We believe in end-to-end transparency, so you can track your car every step of the way from any device. If you need to get in contact with your auto-transporter for updates on vehicle delivery, you can do so easily through our app.

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