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The Lifecycle of a Lease

According to a recent report from Cox Automotive, there will be approximately 4.1 million lease returns in 2019. That means a lot of cars coming back to the dealer. But the journey doesn’t end there. The dealer may ship the car to the reconditioning center before placing it back on the lot. Of course, the car needs to be shipped back from reconditioning center after it has been thoroughly detailed and made “retail ready”. If after a few weeks that lease return doesn’t sell, then off to the auction it goes, which means another round trip or two to the auction lot.

Lifecycle of a lease

RunBuggy estimates that a lease return averages four transports before it is eventually sold.

And with the rise of new car ownership business models that promise flexible return policies and home delivery, the number of times a car is shipped increases even more.

When you consider the pain and paperwork associated with each leg of the transport journey, there needs to be a faster and easier way to move cars. Fortunately, that’s where RunBuggy comes in. By digitizing the car shipment process and making everything needed to get a car from point A to point B available within an app, RunBuggy is the smart choice for car shippers and transporters.

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