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How Technology Has Improved Car Transportation

Technology makes our lives more convenient

Car Shipping - RunBuggy

Wanting to offset capacity shortages, rising freight rates and other roadblocks, more companies are turning to technology and collaborating with their partners across the entire freight management continuum.

This is the year that turned many industry sectors upside down, and it’s clear that freight management did not escape that fate. Already grappling with truck driver shortages, rising freight rates, and intermittent capacity issues, the domestic transportation sector experienced major shifts when the global pandemic disrupted supply chains around the world—and shippers were sent scrambling for solutions.

Making the shift with technology 

As shippers come up with new ways to manage these and other roadblocks, companies continue to raise the bar for customer expectations.  With their e-commerce sales soaring—and brick-and-mortar sales either stagnating or declining—many companies have to walk the tightrope between meeting consumer delivery demands without overspending on transportation.

Everyone is trying to figure out how to be more efficient and cost-effective with their transportation. Typically, innovation is the path to getting there—be it tracking mechanisms, reporting capabilities or some other advancement.

RunBuggy for instance, helps streamline the automotive truckload market by using technology to match up shippers with available drivers.  By automating the transportation management process, we also give shippers access to real-time analytics that they can use to make good transportation decisions.

Our team applied the most recent tech into our operations, giving customers access to a nationwide network of car transporters, through an easy to use app that connects car shippers and haulers.  As a result, you can seamlessly communicate with the driver who is responsible for delivering your vehicle or track your shipment in real time.

At RunBuggy we provide an easy to use interface, automations of routine tasks, better communication capabilities and greater transparency from pick up to drop off and all your order activity will be on one screen, designed to help streamline the process in auto transport.  You can complete the entire process right from the comfort of your home, provided you can access the web.

People are really starting to realize that yes, we do need to invest in technology and automate transportation-related processes.  If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your automotive shipping needs, please stop by and get your free guaranteed-price quote.  We are here to make your shipping experience easy and transparent.