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ore and more people are finding out how convenient it is to have their car transported from one location to another, which is why the auto shipping industry is becoming increasingly popular. After all, they provide a super convenient and reliable service at an affordable price. You may be surprised to find,however, that car shipping costs vary greatly depending on the season. Like many other industries, there is also a peak season for auto shipping which can affect delivery times. Different times of the year bring different car shipping costs because of the laws of supply and demand.

Spring and Summer are Peak Season

One of the most common reasons people ship their cars is for long distance moves and since most people move in the spring and summer, this is also the busiest time of the year for auto shipment. High demand can impact pricing, so you might find that the rates are higher during the spring and summer months. Keep in mind, that the huge volume of shipment can also result in delivery delays. 

Knowing when to plan and book your return auto transport home in the spring is paramount. In order to avoid the rush in April and May, it’s important to book early. Let’s take a look at how the auto transport industry works as the calendar shifts from winter to spring.

When spring arrives things start to get interesting in the auto transport world. All of a sudden the snow and ice begin to thaw in the northern states. The snowbirds who had shipped a car in the fall or winter to Arizona, Florida, California and Texas, start contemplating their move home. There is a discernible uptick in customer demand for car transport.

Throughout the month of February and most of March, the number of available vehicles, called loads in the automobile transportation industry, remains relatively steady.

In regard to the state of Florida, where the number of car shipments is relatively consistent with those shipping there, there is parity, and the prices reflect that steadiness. It is a calm state of affairs in the auto shipping business and customers typically receive fast service at fair cost. Arizona, on the other hand, sees a dramatic shift in demand and, conversely, the price for shipping increases. In most cases, the price in the fall may be less than the price in the spring.

Shipping a Car In Winter

Undeniably, car shipping can be less expensive in the fall and winter when the demand is lower. As businesses are competing to fill their trucks, car shipping prices are getting decreased. 

One big drawback of shipping your vehicle in the winter is that bad weather slows down traffic. Slippery roads require maximum attention and caution. Truck drivers need to be extra careful with their speed to avoid possible accidents.

Generally, shipping a car takes more time during winter, as when roads get closed, particularly in the northern states, drivers need to take longer routes to reach their destinations.

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