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RunBuggy is different from other transportation marketplaces in several ways.  


Our mission is to revolutionize and modernize the car transportation industry by using the best technology and people to make car transportation as fast and easy as possible for both shippers and haulers. We aim to eliminate paperwork and manual processes and make shipping a car simple, transparent, and done from anywhere. 


RunBuggy has a culture of transparency, where we provide access to all the information that our teams and customers need to be and do their best. We believe in being upfront and honest, setting realistic expectations, and delivering on our promises. This creates trust between us and our customers, which is essential for a smooth car transportation process. 

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuously improving ourselves, our team, our technology, and our company. We are always looking for ways to improve the service we provide to our customers, which sets us apart from other transportation marketplaces that may be satisfied with the status quo. 

Educated Professionals 

The RunBuggy team is made up of technologists and automotive enthusiasts who have come together to change the vehicle transportation industry. We have decades of experience amongst us, which helps us to move cars faster, smarter, and easier than ever before. Our team’s passion for our mission and the industry is clear, and it helps us to inspire others to improve the car transportation industry. 

Just RunBuggy It!

The RunBuggy mission to revolutionize and modernize the car transportation industry, our culture of transparency and trust, our commitment to continuous improvement, and our team of experienced technologists and automotive enthusiasts sets us apart from other transportation marketplaces. We aim to make shipping a car as fast and easy as possible for shippers and haulers. 

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