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Wasted hours, wasted money, wasted emissions. Anyone in the freight industry can pinpoint the culprit- empty miles.

Empty miles, a taboo phrase both shippers and haulers alike fear. The freight industry’s biggest waste producer is a tragic side-effect of trucks delivering a full shipment, then returning home without any cargo. Not only is this a waste of time and money for everyone in auto-transportation, but the amount of fuel used on the second half of this journey results in a devastating amount of CO2 emissions.

These empty miles make up an estimated 20% – 40% of trucking mileage, resulting in a catastrophic impact on your bottom line that the environment ultimately ends up paying for. The time has come for a change, and RunBuggy is shaking up the freighting industry.

Our goal? Waving goodbye to the outdated ways by eliminating empty miles waste.

With an expert team of data scientists, we are revolutionizing the industry with breakthrough technology. The RunBuggy platform is able to analyze advanced analytics by utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology to collect real-time transportation logistics data. We make it easy to match transporters with available orders along their route, effectively cutting down on the problem of empty trucks.

We are proud to say that so far, the RunBuggy platform has saved millions of pounds of CO2 waste! RunBuggy’s Machine Learning groups multiple orders with similar origins and destinations, allowing for auto-transporters to increase their truckload without straying far from their route.

This technology allows truckers to not only decrease their carbon footprint, but also decrease their delivery time- meaning shippers get their orders arriving in a quick and efficient manner. Here at RunBuggy, we’re happy to partner with organizations of all sizes. Whether you are an OEM, dealership, lender, repo service, or auction house, our innovative technology can help match you with haulers and get your shipment delivered in no time. What does this mean? Less stress for you as an auto-shipper and less stress on the environment as a result of unnecessary emissions of CO2.

Ready to save some green by going green? Leave outdated practices in the past. Learn more about how you can help cut down on CO2 emissions from empty miles and cut down on your delivery times with RunBuggy’s Machine Learning technology. See how