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The rise of the gig economy has revolutionized various industries, including car shipping. RunBuggy recognizes the value and importance of independent transporters in the gig economy and strives to empower them with opportunities and resources. In this blog post, we will explore how RunBuggy contributes to the gig economy by empowering independent transporters and fostering a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Access to a Wide Range of Opportunities 

RunBuggy provides independent transporters with access to a wide range of car shipping opportunities. Through their extensive network of shippers, dealerships, auctions, and lenders, RunBuggy connects transporters with a diverse pool of potential jobs. This access to varied opportunities allows independent transporters to choose the jobs that align with their preferences, availability, and desired income. 

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance 

The gig economy’s key benefit is flexibility, crucial for independent transporters. RunBuggy values work-life balance, offering a platform for transporters to set their schedules. They choose jobs fitting their needs, balancing work and personal life. This flexibility gives them control over time and allows pursuit of other interests.

Transparent Earnings and Fast Payments 

RunBuggy ensures transparent earnings for independent transporters. Transporters can view the potential earnings for each job before accepting it, enabling them to make informed decisions about the opportunities they pursue. Additionally, RunBuggy provides fast and reliable payment processing, ensuring that transporters receive their earnings promptly. This financial stability and transparency contribute to the overall satisfaction and success of independent transporters in the gig economy. 

Dedicated Support and Resources 

RunBuggy offers dedicated support and resources to empower independent transporters. They provide a team of professionals who are available to assist transporters throughout the car shipping process, from job acceptance to final delivery. This support system ensures that transporters have access to guidance, information, and assistance whenever needed. RunBuggy’s commitment to the success of independent transporters is evident in their ongoing support and provision of resources. 


RunBuggy’s contribution to the gig economy goes beyond providing job opportunities for independent transporters. RunBuggy empowers transporters with opportunities, flexibility, transparent earnings, support, and development resources. Their commitment supports transporter success, advancing the gig economy in car shipping. Start hauling with RunBuggy today for FREE at