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Digital Auctions Need Digital Transportation

IAA Brings AuctionNow Digital Marketplace to the U.S.

Digital Auctions Need a Digital Transportation Solution

A leading auction provider recently hosted a single digital auction event with vehicles in 22 different locations and sold vehicles to buyers in 19 states across the country by using the company’s digital auction platform.  

This platform simulates the competitive live auction environment in a fully digitized, highly automated, live streaming format.

The technology allows vehicles to be offered from an auction, distribution center, dealership or multiple sites and facilitates fast, competitive bidding for buyers.

It’s faster than a physical auction, it’s safer than a physical auction, and it allows sellers and buyers to participate in live auctions anytime, anywhere. 

For sellers, the platform offers full control to set and adjust floors, pass on bids, post new asking prices and communicate directly with buyers during the sale. The integrated seller dashboard also captures comprehensive pricing, bidding and behavioral data that can be utilized to inform and market future sales.

For buyers, it provides the convenience and safety of bidding from any location and allows access to sales well outside their usual geographic auction market. It also delivers a more transparent bidding  experience by clearly displaying every bid and every bidder on every sale.  

Like the burgeoning digital auction marketplace, RunBuggy provides a fully digitized, highly automated platform for sellers to access thousands of transporters, nationwide, so they can move cars anywhere they need. Coupled with the transparency that comes from being able to track deliveries in real-time and analyze orders over time and location, digital auctions can close the loop with the last-mile logistics capabilities supplied by RunBuggy. And transporters benefit from having an easy-to-use mobile app that gives them access to orders in their lane, without the cost of a load board.

As the automotive market takes big leaps forward towards an all digital future, RunBuggy will be there to help move shippers and haulers in the right direction.