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This is the first part of a multi-part series on Cybersecurity.  

Each day, our lives get more intertwined with technology. From end users to early adopters and business owners, we are bombarded with technology. While there is a multitude of benefits to technological progress, there has been a rise in greater security threats and concerns as our lives have gravitated towards the digital domain.  

In this multi-part series, we will explore what this means for you as a user or client of RunBuggy. We’ll lay the foundation for our robust security and explain the reasoning behind our serious focus on security.  Throughout the series, we’ll highlight key differentiators that separate us from our competitors. Whether you are a shipper, transporter, dealer, auction house, or administrator working alongside them, RunBuggy takes pride in exemplary customer support and service. We aim to create the most seamless user and client experience available, anytime, and anywhere on the market.  

RunBuggy makes auto shipping easier, faster, smarter, and more secure. Here’s how we do it: 

On average, a typical transporter has anywhere between 70-80 passwords. This can be near impossible to keep track of. When haulers are on the road, it can be a major inconvenience to reset passwords. At RunBuggy, we use groundbreaking password-less technology. This technology enables us to turn the user experience into the most convenient and stress-free experience possible. Password-less technology is much more secure than traditional password-based authentication methods alone. As there is no longer the need to memorize passwords, you don’t have to worry about password theft or the ever-increasing threat of brute force attacks.  

What exactly is a brute force attack and why should you care about it?  

In a brute force attack, a hacker applies a malicious script to a website’s login field, which is mission critical for our shippers and enterprise accounts. This script inputs random passwords and username combinations one-by-one until it finds the correct one. For a decent hacker, this doesn’t take very long to accomplish. Just like that, your security is breached in about the same amount of time as it takes to make a cup of coffee.  

Once the security is breached, there is a myriad of ways that hackers can ruin your day. From gaining access to the company’s network, including email accounts, shared drives, etc. all the way to leaking confidential and proprietary information. At RunBuggy, we have strengthened our security posture over the years to build a solid reputation that is firmly rooted in taking data and privacy seriously. RunBuggy doesn’t employ just another MFA method – we are stronger than MFA. Another added benefit to our strong stance on security is that RunBuggy helps your business reduce costs in the long run. This is especially important to our shippers and enterprise-level customers.  

By having passwords, you’ll be forced to spend money on storage, management, and resets. With password-less authentications, your IT department will love RunBuggy as the team will longer be required to create and maintain password-setting policies. The focus no longer must be on compliance with password storage regulations and the laws that govern them. Time can be effectively spent on more important things instead of constantly trying to detect and prevent password leaks.  

In the second installment of this multi-part series, we’ll focus on RunBuggy’s containerized applications and the benefit this has across the board for web and mobile applications.