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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 11-17, 2022. During this time, RunBuggy celebrates America’s Truck Drivers. For decades, trucking has been the backbone of the American economy. Without hard-working truckers, life as we know it wouldn’t be possible. Truckers allow Americans to live a life of comfort by delivering goods and resources that are a critical part of life. 

The purpose of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is to honor the hard work done by professional truckers. Trucking requires commitment and dedication in order to fulfill the needs of Americans. As one of the United States’ most crucial and demanding jobs, the roughly 3.6 million truckers across the country deserve to be saluted. 

Professional truckers take every step necessary to deliver products in a timely manner. As well, they are also responsible for making highways a safer place for all cars on the road. 

Due to the pandemic, truckers have had to navigate difficult conditions in the past two years. As a result of a disruption in supply and demand chains, there have been shortages of many products that Americans know and love. Despite difficult working conditions, truckers never stopped working tirelessly to provide for the American people during challenging times. 

Without professional truckers, life in America wouldn’t be possible. For decades they have been working hard to allow Americans access to essential goods and resources. Not only are the 3.6 million American truckers the backbone of the country’s economy, but they are also the heart and soul of our nation. 

Trucking does not come without sacrifices. Professional truckers spend days on the road away from their own families to work hard to provide for families all across America. They work endlessly to deliver goods safely, securely, and timely. Navigating difficult roads year-round, they never slow down because of seasonal conditions.  

The 3.6 million professional truckers across the country truly embody what the United States of America stands for… Freedom. By working hard around the clock, truckers give American families the freedom to get goods and services whenever they need them. 

RunBuggy is proud to salute the hard work and sacrifices of the 3.6 million professional truckers who are the backbone of the American economy. To all our haulers, thank you for your service. 

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