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Whether you own a freight truck or a pickup truck, vehicle hauling can be a great way to make some extra money. If you are looking to get into the auto transportation business, look no further. RunBuggy is the best in the game.

Own your lane.

RunBuggy is dedicated to putting vehicle haulers back in control. If you are tired of endlessly haggling to get the price you deserve, you’re not alone. Brokers and loading boards can take money that is rightfully yours. From broker fees to monthly subscription costs, you’re only getting a portion of the money you deserve.

RunBuggy is FREE TO USE.

Unlike popular load board websites, we won’t charge you hundreds of dollars a month just to find cars to move. There are no fees to use our app. This means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Find thousands of cars on our app.

RunBuggy is proud to partner with OEMs, dealerships, lenders, and auction houses across America. Open up our app, and you’ll find that there are thousands of cars waiting to get claimed by you. You can easily filter through available vehicles and pick up vehicles that are along your route. We’re making it easier than ever to keep your trucks full.

Get paid quickly.

Gone are the days of having to haggle for a fair price. With RunBuggy, the fare you see is the fare that you’ll get paid. No paperwork needed, everything can be easily accessed through our app. The best part? You can get paid in as little as 1-2 days, unlike our competitors where you’ll be waiting weeks to see your money.

Get around-the-clock support.

The RunBuggy team is here for you, no matter what you need. You are a valued customer, and we offer the top service that you deserve. If you’re on the road, the RunBuggy support team is online to make sure you are ready to move vehicles safely and quickly. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Ready to experience all the benefits that RunBuggy has to offer to haulers? Learn more at