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The Next-Evolution of the RunBuggy Car Transportation Platform
RunBuggy Winton
Alexander Winton
Did You Know

Alexander Winton (June 20, 1860 – June 21, 1932) was a Scottish-American bicycle, automobile and diesel engine designer and inventor that is credited with inventing the first car hauler.

First Car Hauler- Winton - RunBuggy
Winton for Shippers

Winton provides a number of enhancements that will make shipping a car faster and easier than ever before. From order to creation to post-drop-off analytics, Winton offers more options and greater control.

RunBuggy for car shippers
RunBuggy Winton-Order Creation

More Options. Less Hassle.

With Winton, you can quickly choose whether you want an open or enclosed truck and how you want you car to be delivered. Winton introduces tiered-pricing so you can select the level of service that best aligns with your needs and budget.

And with Winton’s input validation and standardized form fields, the information the transporter sees is clear and accurate, resulting in a smoother pick-up and drop-off every time.


Winton gives you multiple options for transporting cars
Shipper Standard Gold Platinum
Self-Service Order Management
Any Device Access
Real-Time Tracking
Winton Digital Assistant
Logistics Specialist Team
Enclosed Transportation
Order Scheduling
Logistics Concierge

This is a “self-service” option and offers the lowest cost. When you select this option, your order is automatically placed in the RunBuggy marketplace where available transporters can claim it. Concierge service is not available with the Standard option and the shipper will need to monitor their order from pick-up to drop-off.


This mid-tier option will be priced slightly above the Standard option, but provides you with the ability to schedule a pick-up time. In addition, our concierge team monitors the order to ensure smooth transitions from pick-up to drop-off.


This top-tier option will be priced at a premium and is intended for shippers who are looking for a full, white glove experience. RunBuggy’s concierge team handles every aspect of the transportation order and has additional discretion to incentivize faster pick-up.

Ship 1 Car or 1,000 – Winton Makes it Easier.

Moving multiple VINs can be a challenge. Spreadsheets. Copy. Paste. Rinse and Repeat. Not anymore. Winton will support multiple VINs within the same order entry screen. This will save you a TON of time.

Multi-VIN-RunBuggy Winton
RunBuggy Winton - Bulk Order Management

Color coded cells help you quickly pinpoint exactly what data needs to be addressed. No more trying to figure out what you need to edit or get frustrated placing a big order. Winton was designed from the ground up to address the challenges of getting multi-VIN orders created quickly and easily.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

So the saying goes. With Winton, we take it a step further. Winton’s new photo capture feature makes it even faster and easier for the transporter to get the right shot. And as a shipper, you can define which angles you want them to capture so you always get the pictures you need.

Chat All You Want

Keeping in contact with the transporter is easy with Winton. You can initiate a chat session right within the order – so you know you are communicating with the right person for your order. No more unanswered phone calls or voicemails. Get the information you need right away.

RunBuggy Winton chat
Winton for Haulers

Winton promises to make your day a whole lot easier. From filtering to notifications, Winton will make sure you know where you need to be and when so you can haul more, make more and wait less.

RunBuggy for car haulers
RunBuggy Winton notifications

Stay on Top of Your Day

Winton now makes its even easier to see what you need to know, when you need to know it. Enhanced notifications and alerts keep you updated on orders that have been assigned or need attention so you can focus on what matters.

Your Transportation Dashboard

All Your Orders. One Screen.
RunBuggy Winton - Transporter Dashboard

Filter and Find. Fast.

One of the best enhancements Winton offers is the ability to filter orders quickly. No more swiping through screens. Winton helps you find and claim more orders so you can keep your truck and wallet full.

RunBuggy Winton-Order Filtering

Point. Click. Done.

Gone are the days of fumbling around with your phone’s camera guessing what shots to take. With Winton, you know exactly what you need to shoot. And we’ve done a bunch of work behind the scenes to make sure the app loads fast, so you can move on with your day.

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