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RunBuggy TorqueTM

A.I. Based Transportation Pricing Engine

A revolutionary Artificial Intelligence pricing engine engineered specifically for the vehicle transportation industry.
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What is RunBuggy TorqueTM

RunBuggy’s Torque™ is an A.I.-based pricing engine that uses advanced algorithms to analyze real-time data from multiple sources, including weather patterns, traffic conditions, and historical trends, to calculate the most competitive pricing for shippers like dealers, auctions, repos, and OEM finance captives. RunBuggy Torque™ makes it easy for shippers, both small and large, to streamline their pricing and provide transporters the most attractive fares to ensure their vehicles are moved quickly.

RunBuggy Torque™ is in advanced beta testing with select RunBuggy customers and will be available to all customers starting in June 2023. To learn more and to schedule a demo, please contact RunBuggy’s sales team at

RunBuggy Torque AI Pricing Engine