"We joined RunBuggy as soon as we started Hayes Auto Transport. We heard it was a good company to work with, so we wanted to try it out. In the past year that we have been transporting, RunBuggy has been our most consistent source of income. I love that they direct deposit our payments within 2 or 3 days.
Occasionally, we work with other brokers, too, but they're not all as consistent, with payments and work, as RunBuggy.
Any time there's an issue, the RunBuggy agents are attentive and help us resolve it quickly.

Our team consists of Joel as the driver and smiling face of the company.
Sarah is the dispatcher looking for work, calling ahead, and scheduling appointments for pickups.
Gina Q is our connection in Las Vegas when we need help. She pulls cars and has them ready to go to save us time.
Jamila H and JJ help us in Phoenix, whether it's documenting a vehicle's condition or pulling cars to have them ready to be picked up.
Our children, Maliyah, Janiyah, and Izaiah help where needed when they don't have school.
Jezreel, our 6 month old baby, rides along with us and helps us drive in the HOV lane.

My mom, Cindy, in Indiana and our daughters Janiyah and Khaiya are our researchers for grants to build and grow our company.
We plan on expanding our company as soon as possible... within this next year, we will grow our fleet from 1 truck and trailer to multiple. "

– Hayes (owner)Testimonial